Friday, July 31, 2009

Illustration Friday: Modify

 Here's a little piece I did as part of the print sets that I traded around at Comic Con. (Thanks to all the great folks that traded with me!) I've taken the classic 1950's pinup idea and modified it slightly to be with aliens on a distant planet. ;] I apologize for the lack of posts of the last month or two - things have been rather hectic lately. (I moved to a new place, made it to San Diego, and have been hard at work on the upcoming WonderHill website.) Will have more to post soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con '09!

I have returned from the land of stars and nerds! Comic Con was pretty wild this year. The usual crowds and and frustration was balanced nicely with meeting some idols (Eric Goldberg, Glen Keane, Shane Glines, Doug TenNapel, Ted Mathot, Chris Sanders, Damon Bard...the list goes on!)

Let's start with my loot:

There's some awesome stuff in there including sketchbooks from Chris Sanders, Cory Godbey, John Nevarez, Craig Elliot, Javier Guzman, Creaturebox, and Shane Glines. Other books include "Who is Torch Tiger?", "Monster Zoo", "Wonderland",  "Flight 6", "Cora", and "Seductive Espionage". I also got some sweet prints from Corey Godbey, Scott C, Justin and Josh Parpan, Joey Chou, and Kei Acedra. Awesome stuff!

Here is Liz Ito striking her best Yuki 7 pose:
(Liz also made that sweet little Fox plush toy you see up there!)

This picture (a rather famous one now) was shown during the Disney panel. John Lassetter, John Musker, Brad Bird...all in the same class together in college...the lovely lady in the upper right corner is Nancy Beiman, my thesis advisor from RIT. The highlight of the Disney panel was seeing Miyazaki chat onstage with Lassetter, and also the hilarious "Groovin' with Ken" clip to promote Toy Story 3.

Here are some crazy costumes spotted at the Con:
Who ya gonna call?

Man, that guy is a scary Wolverine. He was there in the same blood-drenched getup last year.

On a lighter note, here is Mayka having some quality time with Lilo and Stitch.