Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Ezra's Epitaph Graveyard Set

Yesterday Ian and I created a miniature set for his senior thesis, Ezra's Epitaph. It's a really cool graveyard with a coffin and a tree on the top of the hill. We made it surprisingly about 6 hours. I'm working on some CG stuff for his film as well, so I will post that at some point.

The Set! There are live action people composited over certain sections of well as stop- motion animation.

Here is the back of the can see that we started with balled up newspaper which we covered in masking tape to hold it down. Then we used plaster cloth and green floral foam to create the terrain. We crumbled up the foam to make the grass, as well as added some tufts of fake fur painted green for long grass.

I was going for "scared" and I don't know what Ian was doing.

P.S. This movie's going to be awesome. Coming Spring 2006 to a Bard College campus near you!

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