Monday, September 18, 2006

Ottawa Here I Come!

The pic you see above was my entry for the Ottawa Animation Festival contest that Cartoon Brew held a few weeks ago. It won me a free pass to the fest! Huzzah! As you can tell I am pumped for the Bob Clampett retrospective. I think I will try to see it on Friday morning if I can make it into town early enough. Last year I was a little dissapointed with the overall quality of films I saw compared to the year before that...but this year looks to be chock full of entertaining stuff! Cartoonbrew has a whole lot more info, as well as the official site for the fest. So get 'yo butt to Canada this weekend!


donnachada said...

Ha, nice illustration.

Yavuz said...

very cool illu. looks crazy and retro.

:: smo :: said...

bill that's amazing! i was really excited for that you have prints? i'd totally buy one!

i wanted to see you in ottawa but i've got this new gig here and i have to finish it up this weekend. but congrats and hopefully i'll see ya soon!

-tom smo!