Saturday, June 13, 2009

And now for something completely different - 3D!

Here is my one and only foray into 3D art for videogames. These were done as a test when I applied to Three Rings, over two years ago. At the time they thought they might be hiring me to work on Bang! Howdy, (now defunct) and I would have been doing lots of modeling and texturing. It was a western-themed game and I made this fun low-poly train as a set piece. It was never used for anything, and I think it was the last time I really touched Maya! Maybe I will post the character design test I did for them as well.



:: smo :: said...

that's really awesome bill!

it's funny to me to see you doing anything OTHER than 3d! but i'm kinda glad you've been doing other stuff...because you know how 3d and i get along ha!

but yeah! this is great, you definitely know how to make fun 3d stuff! you and sean should start your OWN gaming studio...or storm double fine or something!

damon said...


Josh Cooley said...

I want a toy of that!

Gerald said...

oldie, but goodie!