Monday, July 14, 2008

The coolest bookcases.

Like most other artists, I'm a book fiend. And a bookcase fiend. I don't actually own any of these, but if anyone was thinking of a cool birthday you know.What got me thinking about bookcases were these awesome pieces from Dust Furniture. Unfortunately they sell for over $1,000 each...
They would fit surprisingly well into the world of my two quarter RIT film:
This bookcase is not exactly real, but is pretty neat:
These IKEA-hacked bookcases have LED's that change color to the rhythm of music. Sweet!
Boing Boing pointed out this awesome bookcase from Brazil:
I love this stair-bookcase space saving combo:
This page from weburbanist has a ton of other cool bookcases, including a bookshelf made of books:
My mind has been blown. Seriously.
Also a sofa with a built in bookcase:
Or you can put your bookcases in the rafters if you are cramped on space:
And last but not least, a bookcase that transforms into a bed:
For that person who really loves books.

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