Sunday, July 27, 2008

My ComicCon cherry has been popped.

So this was my first San Diego Comic Con. I had some preparation for it back in February when I attended WonderCon in San Francisco. ComicCon was like Wondercon on crack. Estimates put over 165,000 people at the con this year and I certainly believe it.

I mostly stuck to the exhibit floor, meeting tons of amazing artists as well as new and old friends. I found that putting your portfolio on an iPhone is a great way to show people your work. (Thanks for the idea, Steph!) I attended a few panels (I got to see Joss Whedon AND the cast of Battelstar Galactica...what more could a nerd ask for?!). I also spent waaaaaaay too much money on this stuff:

There's even a Bill Presing print that isn't pictured. One of the coolest things in that pile is the poster in the upper left's a better look at it:

That's right - an Eric Tan poster for UP! There were only 50 copies printed and I got the last one! And it was on sale, half off! Amazing. I love it, can't wait to get it framed. And if I'm lucky some day I will get Eric and Pete Docter to sign it.

Other neat things in that pile up there: Chris Sanders' poster and Kiskaloo book, Ben Balistrieri's SEAWEED, Who is Rocket Johnson, Art of Israel Sanchez, three Doug TenNapel books, a Penny Arcade anthology, and a Liz Ito creature (his name is "Bean"!) for my soon-to-be born niece or nephew.

Let me thrill you with some more fun pics from the con:

One of many Poison Ivies on the floor.
Freakin' sweet steampunk Weta ray gun.
It's the bad guy from Iron Man!! (Saw it again on Saturday night - still great, but not quite as amazing after seeing Dark Knight.)
Look! A real live furry!
I don't know who these guys are...the one on the right is Cyclops I guess.
Bumblebee in the houuuuse!
Dumbledore checks his messages.
Edward Scissorhands made an appearance. Sweet homebrewed costume!
Overall it was a great time. (Minus the 16 hours in the car.) I look forward to spending not nearly as much money at APE in the fall.

2 comments: said...

you're not an addict - you're a FIEND! [for fantastic art books]

i LOVE the wizard picture. :)

Dan said...

WOW, wat a collection!!!

haha thank you very much for your comment, it was really nice meeting you too!!