Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jib Jab - Election 2008

They've really upped the production values this time. I'm highly impressed by the quality of animation and design throughout. Great work!
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You can even put yourself in the movie if you want! There's also a production blog that shows how they made the movie.
I usually refrain from posting anything political, but the whole FISA telcom-immunity thing really made me mad at my candidate. Someone on boingboing posted this fitting image:


Davipalooza said...

Actually if the law passed allowing it, wouldn't that make them legal wire taps? And I want to help you put some confidence back into your candidate by saying, these laws have existed since the 70s, the only thing this bill did was update it to include cell phones. So cheer up! You've been spied on long before Obama voted on this bill!

Bill Robinson said...

Hahah, how comforting! D: